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Singles Ministry

Joining together to grow closer to God through fellowship, friendship and fun.

Being single is often thought of as a stepping stone to something else. But the Bible does not treat it as such. Singleness should not be wasted…or viewed as a lesser choice. Rather it should be viewed as a GIFT!

Our joy and purpose in singleness comes from understanding that we don’t need anything more but Christ to serve Christ.

Recognizing that singleness is a gift, and a gift steeped in purpose, changes the focus of our time and energy.


The single adult ministry of Friendship Bible Church centers on the belief that single adults are important to God and vital to His kingdom. Singleness is a viable lifestyle and God provides grace for living life as a single Christian adult.


To encourage single Christians adults, to prepare them to share the gospel, and to introduce others to Jesus Christ. 


·       Minister to the needs of single adults

·       Equip single adults with skills for living productive, Christ-centered lives

·       Assist single adults during personal crisis

·       Encourage ministry to others through involvement in the local congregation, service to the community and the world church body

·       Integrate single adults into the church body by recognizing and utilizing their God given talents, gifts and abilities

·       Build a community of single adults through a non-threatening social atmosphere to encourage the formation of friendships. Fulfillment of this goal may provide opportunity to partner with other churches